Great Spaces

The type of garage you can have will depend on the amount of garden space you have available and where it is located in relation to the house and the nearest access road. A detached, stand-alone garage will need a bit more space than a garage attached to the side of the house.

Garages are also extremely useful for storing all types of household and garden equipment, like lawnmowers, mobile barbeques, sun loungers and garden tools, and is generally much more secure than the average garden shed.


Want to keep your car in pristine condition and protect its bodywork from the ravages of the British weather? Then a garage built especially for you by Ian Solomon Construction is a “must have”. Your car will also be a little bit more secure when locked in a garage and “out of sight” from those who want to go joyriding, steal it or steal the contents.

The extra protection afforded by the garage may even help to reduce your car insurance premiums, particularly if you live in a “high risk” area for car crime.

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