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Ian Solomon Construction offer a ‘design and build’ service for all domestic building refurbishments, alterations, garage conversions and extensions. We take your building project from start to finish without the use of middle-men.

This includes everything from our architect’s blueprints, to the final decorating touches. We offer a level of service that is unrivaled, we care about the project as much as you do and always aim to complete the project on budget and within agreed timescales without compromising in any way on your vision and our own exacting standards.

We work with several architects who our clients can liaise with throughout the design process. We ensure that our clients’ input is incorporated and allow for changes at any stage of the process. The architect ensures that the design process remains organic but is still practical. Our clients can be assured that any design presented will conform to local building authority regulations.

Working drawings are plans compliant with UK building regulations and include exact guide lines or intricate details needed for builders to carry out their work. They include structural beam dimensions and load capacity, cement depth for pillar supports, type of bricks, wall thickness and the specification of the materials needed. These drawings will be used by the Building Control Office of the local authority when inspecting the building progress ensuring building regulations are conformed with.


Stunning Spaces

Our commitment to excellence and our attention to detail in all aspects of our service enables us to offer a unique package which includes:

  • Help with planning,local authority and service applications
  • An Architect lead design service
  • Material sourcing through samples and supplier visits
  • Help with internal colour schemes, lighting, electrical layouts and soft furnishings.
  • Help with AV and Audio equipment purchasing and installation
  • Renewable energy, insulation, practical heating systems and energy efficiency built-in.
  • Exterior landscaping design
  • Kitchen design

We offer a design and drawing service for alterations and extensions. We will prepare Planning and Building Regulation applications and include submission to the Local Authority.

Planning drawings are the first step in any building process. It will show what the property will look like, how far into the garden the extension reaches, what portion of the house the loft extends from. How high it is, how much space it takes up and how it will effect the environment. To even begin structural or working drawings, each permitted development must have initial planning drawings done and approved by the local Council Planning Authority.


Our Promise & Guarantee

We pride ourselves on a reputation of excellence, quality of work and reliability. We are a company that offers design and build services for our clients from initial design to the final development. We do it once and we do it right.


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We offer a guaranteed service to make your dreams come true.